Whether you have a small or large organisation, change is inevitable – but very few businesses handle change well.

Our team have experience dealing with complex change that has affected organisational structure, staff redundancies and inevitably, morale.

And if there’s one thing that we have learned, is that communication needs to be considered as early as possible – keeping staff in the loop reduces anxiety, no matter what the change is.

If you have change coming up in your organisation, or are in the midst of a time of change. give us a yell to help guide you toward communications strategically aimed to support the organisation's goals, and, support staff.

Whether you are seeking change communication solutions through consulting, or, require a workshop to build skills in the realm of change communications, we can help. 



A well-thought-out communication plan helps guide you to achieve your goals by supporting the strategic objectives of your business with timely and effective messaging aimed at your target audiences.

We’ll help you:

  • Create considered messaging for your customers
  • Understand your customer’s drivers and barriers
  • Train your team to implement the plan
  • Create realistic measures to assess success
  • Create a post-campaign analysis framework to help you assess the results and to assist in future planning.

With a thorough, goal-oriented and practical communication plan, you will see internal and external customers buy-in to your offering, and be able to ensure that every tactic you employ relates back to the core strategy.



If you’re looking for tailor-made and results-driven workshop facilitation such as team development days, communication skills training or group strategic planning days, then Meaningful Workshops can help.

Group training is available in Melbourne or elsewhere upon request.

Click here to visit Meaningful Workshops dedicated website..



Thriving under pressure we deliver effective emergency communications. Members of our team have led emergency communications responses in some of the world’s worst humanitarian emergencies in recent years. We know how to transform a chaotic scenario into an organised and effective stream of activity. Creating the right message, ensuring it’s communicated properly and knowing how to find the audience is our specialty.

We can help with rapid response communications including:

  • Key messaging
  • Media releases
  • Arranging or briefing media interviews
  • Internal announcements
  • Editing response documents for release
  • Other required communication messaging
  • Training local teams to streamline their communications in accordance with overarching goals

Crises worked on by the team include the Syrian conflict, the South Sudan conflict, Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, the Nepal earthquake and many more.



Every member of your organisation can be a great brand ambassador, and if your team is on board with where the business is headed, they are more likely to work harder to achieve those goals. That’s where internal communications can help.

Marketing and communicating internally may seem counter-intuitive; you might think: Staff are already in tune with our objectives. But to truly know that staff understand and support company goals requires proactive and planned communications initiatives.

Meaningful Communications can help create an internal comms strategy that will work for you, plus, we can help implement your plan if needed.

Internal communications engages your employees in a two-way flow of information, with overall aims being communicated to employees, and staff able to provide feedback, valued opinions and good ideas in return. The whole process also aims to boost morale and get everyone on the same page.

Whether it be a plan to communicate a change in the business or a new initiative, or to encourage staff cohesion through connectedness, we
can help.

Contact us if you’d like more information on how we can help with your internal communications. We can also help with internal comms workshops, facilitation planning and team days.


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