Meaningful Communications prides itself on working with sectors that are doing meaningful work and businesses that want to make a meaningful impact.


Because of the important work NFPs do funded by donations not-for- profits are always very careful with their marketing and communications spend. We understand that every dollar spent needs to have the biggest impact possible.

Meaningful Communications has niche experience in working with not-for- profits, both in Australia and overseas. We know how to create effective fundraising and communications strategies that can help increase donations, how to engage the media to bring attention to an important issue, or promote a specific event, store or donation drive.

The team have worked on the emergency communications that followed natural disasters like Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and the Nepal Earthquake, as well as communications surrounding slow onset humanitarian disasters like the ones still unfolding in Syria and South Sudan.

Response Innovation Lab
Nepal Innovation Lab with World Vision
Salvos Stores

SME (Small to medium enterprises)

Small businesses and medium-sized businesses have to work hard to get ahead. Each SME wants to make sure their marketing and communications spend is focused on the essentials that really, really work.

The team at Meaningful Communications know how to create a focused and effective plan that will work to understand your audience and communicate with them in meaningful ways.

Whether it be supporting you to increase your customer base, retain current clients, make your website easier for customers to find and use, or to create a social media presence that will help drive traffic to your site or through your doors, we are here to help.

We pride ourselves on being the kind of consultancy that you only need to take on for specific tasks or projects - we’re happy to up-skill your staff so that they’ll be able to take over and run things in-house in the long term.

Profile Systems
Best. Design to Life
Mama & Co.


Educational institutions do a lot to help the community, but their successes often fly under the radar. Whether it’s internal communication to the their staff and community, or external engagement with students and prospective students, we can help.

Meaningful Communications has experience in helping ensure communications align with strategic plans, planning launches and engagement tactics with staff and students, and in communicating new initiatives internally to staff and students.

La Trobe University


As we all know, healthcare is of vital importance – especially when people need it most. It’s then – in times of need – that people want to find help fast and easily.

Meaningful Communications has helped healthcare providers communicate what they do in a way that will be easy for future patients to find. We often help those in the healthcare sector to better communicate what they do online so that the provider is ready to be found by future patients in their time of need.

We can help communicate the benefits of your facilities, services and specialists, spread the word when new doctors join your clinic, or help raise general awareness about health issues that might get little attention otherwise.

Epworth Healthcare