Creating great content helps your target audience a) find your site, and b) keeps them interested in what your site has to say. SEO content writing is a skill, but it need not be difficult. Here’s what we do in a few simple steps:

  • We research the online behaviour of your existing audience, to give us preliminary guidance on what your audience is looking for when they come to you. We make note of the keywords that are working well and we make sure to include these in your content later on.
  • We check out what your potential audience organically searches for when they are looking for your type of services but end up finding the competition. We make note of these too, as they will help your site reach new people.
  • We weave strategically chosen, relevant keywords in a natural way on your website (and in the back-end too), so that your website gains authority with Google. Our team of SEO content writing whizzes know exactly how to do this. We do this so that when people search for your services on Google, they click on  your site (not that of your competitors).
  • Finally, if needed, we amend your site in other ways (the structure, for example) to make sure that once people are on your site the user experience is so good that they either stay on your site for longer or they make contact.

So, if you’re ready to improve your website for meaningful results, ask us about:

  • SEO content writing
  • Keyword research (looking at both where you and your competitors are at)
  • Content planning
  • Advice on the channels to disseminate content through
  • Tips on how to gather good content
  • An assessment of your level of audience engagement and feedback on how you can improve on your current position