With social media, communicating directly to customers and potential customers can be easier than ever. But what exactly are people saying about you? Social media sentiment analysis can help you find out.

Firstly, we monitor mentions of your brand in on the most popular social media platforms (like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). But this first step only tells us how many times and where you brand is mentioned. It doesn’t tell us the context. Are those mentions good, bad or indifferent?

That’s where the next step – social media sentiment analysis – comes in. Through this type of analysis, we get a clear picture not only about how many times your brand is mentioned in the social media world, BUT (more importantly) whether those mentions are positive or negative for your brand.

Then, depending on the results, we can help you. Are the mentions related to problems that you can address to regain customer support? Are the mentions positive reinforcing that you’re doing a great job? Do mentions help you discover a new audience you never thought to target?

Social media offers a wealth of insightful and useful information that comes directly from your customers. It’s a goldmine waiting for you to discover its wealth of helpful information!

Contact us if you’d like to know what people are saying about your organisation, how you can better engage with your customers for real benefit, and how you can take the conversation in the right direction for your business objectives.