Why the Customer is Always Right

High quality customer service is something which marketing and communications teams should be really focused on, because without good service even the best marketing strategies will fail at the final hurdle - giving customers a good user experience. Find out more about how good customer service should be a marketers and a communicators baseline priority.

Tools that make life easier as a small business owner.

There are 101 things to do when you start your business. What to do first can sometimes be the first roadblock: everything needs to happen, yesterday.

The good news is, that there are loads of helpful tools on the market to help you with everything from scheduling your Instagram posts, to managing your projects, to your accounting and easy-to-use graphic design software.  Here are my five favourites that we use at Meaningful Communications.

Xero Accounting Software.

When I first started the business I made my first invoice from an Excel template. Soon, I realised that this wasn’t going to cut it. I moved to Wave, which was awesome – to a point. Wave is a free software that manages your invoices and bills and your receipts.

I just found that the reporting was easier with Xero. I can reconcile automatically (a huge time saver) and pull reports to see what my financial position is. Nothing means you don’t need to monitor the cash flow weekly, though (cough, lesson learned!).

Jira Project Manager Software.

Jira, by Atlassian is the mother of all project management software. It lets you manage individual tasks or ongoing projects with lots of tasks. You can allocate these to your team, and you can see if they have started a project and even connect it to our favourite time-tracking software - which leads me to:

Toggl Time Tracking Software.

Toggl is a great tool that is free for single users, paid for teams. It enables you to show clients how long things take to complete, but also, helps us see how long things generally take to complete, so we can estimate better. 

Squarespace - Templated Websites. 

We just LOVE Squarespace! It's not the only platform we would recommend for creating a website as it heavily depends on your need, but Squarespace is an amazing tool with well set-up templates that have beautiful aesthetics that are (relatively) easily to modify. We were on Wordpress, but it was too complicated for our needs. Wordpress, however, was suitable for a website we created for Profile Systems which had a significant amount of product. 

Canva - DIY Design.

Canva is a cool, easy-to-use platform that enables you to create customised, branded social media graphics, brochures and so much more. For the most part, it is free (some images have a small charge). 

Later - Social Media Scheduling.

Pre-planning your social media content is the key to a consistent social media brand story. It's also the best use of your time. And, nothing is set in stone. You get an alert to your phone at the time you had planned to post, and you proof the post, and send it off. 

There are loads more, and every business is different. But these programs make our lives a load easier, and if this can save anyone some time, we would be delighted!




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