It doesn't matter whether you're a small business, a charity, an online store or any other kind of product or service, having a great website is integral when promoting your brand and your offering.  

We consider a number of elements when designing your site.

a -  Making sure it is aesthetically pleasing, and on brand

b - Ensure the content is well written and easy to use

c - It is easy for the user to know what they need to do next  (See more, contact us, fill in this form, sign this petition, etc.)

d- We make sure you are optimised for search engines, so that when someone looks for your product category or service type on search engines, your website has a better chance of being among the top results. This means more people who are already interested in your type of offering will find your site. Getting people to your site is half the battle. 

A website is the foundation for all of your other marketing efforts, because having a solid online presence can underpin your entire strategy. Meaningful Communications can help you create strategically-driven digital content, which is based on research done into your competitors and keywords that are carefully selected for you.

Luckily, websites don't need to cost the earth - and the return on investment can be significant. With site creators like Squarespace (and a helping hand from a consultancy like Meaningful Communications) your website can be up-and-running and promoting your business in next to no time.

Squarespace is a user-friendly platform, and site creation can be done fairly quickly, meaning it's a cost-effective solution and easy to update, too. We even made our new website using Squarespace.

Websites start from $2k when using Squarespace templates as a base, as a price indication.